agencja interaktywna kraków
Proadax na arenie międzynarodowej. Dziękujemy za wsparcie!
20 May 2015
Pozycjonowanie stron najczęściej wybieraną formą promocji przed przedsiębiorców
26 May 2015
agencja interaktywna kraków

This is another big step in the history of our company! We are going to the next level, opening up to customers around the world. We are proud to announce that we have introduced a range of facilities for people unfamiliar with the Polish language.

English-speaking clients are welcome to contact our representative who gladly answer your questions:

Slovak-speaking customers feel free to call our Slovak representative, who can not wait to talk with you:

In this landmark day we would like to thank all existing customers: those who have benefited from our services and those who collaborate with us to this day. Thank you for your favorable references and the kind words that show that what we do makes sense. Any positive news was a powerhouse, thanks to which we were able to expand the business onto the international stage. Thank you and we promise that we will continue to improve the quality of services offered , putting customer satisfaction as a priority.

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